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A striking annual report to fit the identity and mission of a non-profit with a global impact.

Headington Institute Pasadena, CA

The Challenge

Headington Institute is a non-profit organization that provides psychological support for humanitarians and relief workers worldwide. Like all non-profits, their annual report is one of the most important tools for their brand identity: it tells their story and helps to spread their mission to current and potential supporters.

Before I worked with the institute, they had reused a similar annual report design for many years, and the confidential nature of their work meant that there were few visual assets to draw upon. The primary challenge was thus to reconceive a printed annual report with an updated visual style and engaging art direction (in line with brand expectations), but also to expand the report sections to accommodate new initiatives.

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The Result

The new annual report was produced as a half-letter print booklet, conveniently sized for reading and mailing. While the institute already had some brand guidelines in place, I expanded the design palette to include new color accents, visual motifs, and a collection of premium stock photography reflecting the institute’s particular focus and international reach. These were utilized throughout the report, but especially in feature sections highlighting the institute’s recent programs. Other custom design features of the report included charts/graphs, maps, infographics, and callout/sidebar sections.

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